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Tuesday July 22nd, George Schnakenberg III, died unexpectedly from natural causes.  George was a founding partner with Sollega. The entire team at Sollega and everyone who knew George is mourning over his loss.  George leaves behind his beautiful newly wed wife and their soon to be born first child.  We all miss his positive, vivacious outlook on life and genuine kindness towards others.  His legacy lives on in our hearts and minds.  He was a prolific designer/inventor with numerous successful products to his name.  George was involved in designing all of Sollega’s Racking including our latest FR510.  We miss you George, your ever present is in our hearts.

May you rest in peace George.

With much love,

The entire Sollega Team


Sollega – The Simple Solar Racking Solution For Flat Roof And Ground Mount PV Installations

Announcing the New FastRack FR510     Read More

Sollega FastRack 510 Datasheet for web

Quick To Ship, Stage And Install

Sollega’s mission is to provide the easiest to install and most cost effective solar mounting solution available. Our goal is to enable the installation of solar PV on every suitable flat surface in the world.

Sollega simplifies and accelerates the adoption of solar energy technologies by reducing the mounting and installation costs associated with solar arrays. We provide the simplest solar mounting systems on the market, reducing labor, time and project costs.

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