What is the typical roof load of the InstaRack system? Up to what wind speed is the InstaRack system compatible?

A complete InstaRack system including modules, racking and ballast adds an additional roof load of 4 to 8 pound per square foot (psf). The InstaRack system is wind tunnel tested and compatible with wind speeds up to 120mph.

If a system is being installed in a high wind zone area or on a roof that requires low psf, there are two methods employed to reduce the ballast: mechanical attachments with stanchion brackets and wind screens. By utilizing a hybrid system, which incorporates an optimal balance between mechanical attachments and ballast blocks, the InstaRack system is able to accommodate a wide range of roof types.


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What is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and how durable is it?

HPDE is a very durable and rugged industrial plastic, which has been used for out-door applications since the 1950s. HDPE is:

  • Resistant to the corrosiveness of alkalis and acids
  • Resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) light because of added non-oxidized carbon
  • Able to withstand knocks and tension
  • Compatible to a wide range of temperature and weather conditions and always maintains its original shape
  • Flexible, light-weight and non-conductive
  • A UL listed material

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How does electrical grounding work with the InstaRack system?

Grounding is integrated into the strut rail and hinge plate. We have worked in conjunction with Brundy/Wiley Electronics, the leader in PV grounding solutions, to integrate a WEEB grounding clip into the InstaRack system. WEEB-11.5 is a standard Burndy part.

A copper braid embedded in the InstaRacks connects the struts and one WEEB per module is used to connect the strut to the module. The InstaRack system requires only two ground lugs at the end of each row which saves time and money. Sollega provides a Burndy-approved installation manual allowing for smooth inspections.


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How do I request a proposal from Sollega?

We at Sollega are happy to provide you with a competitive quote for your next flat roof solar project. Here are three ways in which you can request a proposal:
Phone: 855-725-RACK
Email: info@sollega.com
Online form: Request a Quote
Please include the following information in order to obtain a customized quote: your contact information, project size, site address, PV module model number and wattage, module quantity, building specifics and special requirements. It is helpful if you can provide a CAD file or other technical drawings of the project site. After receiving this information, we will send you a proposal which includes a preliminary layout optimized for the InstaRack system and pricing.

Sample of a Preliminary Layout provided with each Proposal

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What services does Sollega provide with every order?

Sollega provides project engineering and design services with every order. This includes detailed ballast calculations and pre-engineered product specifications for permitting. We provide the following technical support services: project specific installation webinar, inter-row spacing guide and electrical grounding install manual. Our dedicated customer service department is available to address your questions immediately and can be reached during standard business hours.



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Where does Sollega manufacture? What is Sollega’s delivery lead time?

The InstaRack is entirely manufactured in North America. Therefore our racking system is ARRA “Buy American” compliant and eligible for the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) feed-in tariff.
Delivery lead time depends on the size of the project. We maintain an inventory of InstaRacks at all times, enabling delivery for smaller projects (100 kW) typically in 2 to 3 weeks. For larger projects (500 kW+), the delivery lead time is between 6 and 8 weeks.

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Is the InstaRack racking system tested and does it have a warranty?

The InstaRack is fully wind tunnel tested up to 120 miles per hour (mph). Extensive wind tunnel test was conducted by CPP in accordance to ASCE building code. All ballast load information is provided for the InstaRack system as a function of module location within an array and location of the array on the roof. For more information please click here.
The InstaRack provides an industry leading 25 year warranty. The main material of the InstaRack is high-density polyethylene. HDPE is highly durable and able to retain its shape and strength within a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. A UV inhibitor ensures long term exposure durability. For more information please click here.



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What kind of strut and other hardware can I use with the InstaRack system?

The InstaRack system is designed to work with standard off-the-shelf hardware, including standard mid and end clamps. All hardware is provided directly by Sollega and delivered with the InstaRack system. Sollega provides a turn-key solution for every project.

One size bolt is utilized with the InstaRack system. A 5/16″ x 7/8″ bolt is all you need. Pre-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized strut is utilized depending on the project requirements. Sollega has an excellent supplier network and is able to provide all the hardware for your project at the lowest price.


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How is the InstaRack system being installed?

The installation of the InstaRack system is fast and intuitive. Simply position the InstaRack as per the project layout on the roof. All spacing is determined according to the length of the strut and the inter-row spacing guide. The next step is to add ballast according to the ballast calculations provided by Sollega with the layout. The final step is to attach the modules to the strut using our proprietary hinge plate and standard mid and end clamps. For more information please click here.




Easy Installation with the InstaRack

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