High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) FACT SHEET

  • HDPE can be recycled many times and is an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials. Sollega InstaRack is made from recycled HDPE
  • HDPE has low heat conductivity, making it a great option for rooftop solar system
  • Sollega InstaRack achieves its black color due to the added non-oxidized carbon. This process ensures resistance to Ultra Violet (UV) light
  • HDPE is expandable and elastic; it can be shaped and bent without affecting its properties
  • HDPE, like other plastics, does not conduct electricity
  • HDPE is waterproof and is an excellent sealing material. It can resist the corrosiveness of alkalis and acids
  • HDPE is resistant to a wide range of variation in temperature and always assumes its original shape
  • HDPE is often used in piping because of its ability to withstand knocks and tension
  • HPDE is flexible which allows the InstaRack to accommodate grooves and slight gradient changes on roofs

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