Solar array mounted with FastRack 510 on VA Caribbean Medical Center in Puerto Rico survives Hurricaine Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Sollega, a leading commercial solar racking manufacture, supplied their FastRack 510 ballasted mounting system for the installation of a 645 kW rooftop solar array at San Juan, Puerto Rico Caribbean VA Hospital. This achievement rank VA Medical Center as a Building precursor in renewable energy, but will also function to stabilize and increase the independence of their energy needs. The FastRack510 (FR510) was selected to mount a total of 2529 SunPower 327W modules.The one-piece FR510 requires no assembly, and it’s universal design allowed Valor Construction to install the PV modules.

Sollega’s injection molded FastRack 510 withstood 190 mph sustained (Category 5) winds of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.
After surviving the Hurricane Irma and Maria, the solar panels were fully functional and 100% operational. The array was installed using Sollega’s patented FR510 ballasted/hybrid racking system. The fully adhered single ply membrane roof utilized a combination of heat weld mechanical anchors and ballast block.
The hospital ran out of their diesel generator but thanks to the FastRack 510 they still had power, solar was the solution.

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