Sollega Introduces a Standing Seam Roofs Mounting Solution – The PowAR Grip

Sollega now offers the PowAR Grip for standing seam roof applications, a product of A Raymond Tinnerman. The PowAR Grip is designed to make roof assembly installation more efficient. It is cost efficient and compatible with 85% of all standing seam metal roofs. Much like Sollegaʼs InstaRack ballasted racking system for flat roof applications, the PowAR Grip is very durable, fast and easy to install and versatile.

The PowAR Grip improves the efficiency of solar standing seam roof application installations. The PowAR Grip does not damage the roof and is constructed with corrosion resistant materials. There are no screws required that penetrate through seam or panels. It is designed and tested to withstand high load applications. The limiting factor during testing is the roof panels, not the clamp. It withstands loads that exceed 1,700 lbs (N) loading normal to seam and 800 lbs (N) loading parallel to seam.

Current industry clamps require yearly checks of torque value, cause more hassle with additional bolts and nuts, and often require multiple tools. The PowAR Grip eliminates the need for many of
these requirements. PowAR Grip installations do not require yearly inspections that ensure correct torque value. The PowAR Grip simply snaps into place for easy pre-assembly and remains secure upon completion. Solar modules can be assembled in portrait and in landscape. The PowAR Grip is compatible with standard 1 5/8″ strut and with a wide variety of standing seam metal roofs.

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